Where to Start with Self Care

Where to Start with Self Care


Life is a funny thing, especially nowadays. One minute we’re moving at the speed of light with work, family commitments, social arrangements and all the other everyday pressures and then the next, we’re forced to stop.


The last nearly 12 months hasn’t been easy on anyone and with working from home, home schooling and generally keeping life afloat to worry about, it’s become easy to abandon ourselves.


Self care is a practice we’re passionate about here (hence the name!) but we don’t want to just provide the products to pamper yourself but the knowledge to do so too. This blog is our go-to guide on where to start with self care. We’re going to answer all the how’s, whys and where’s of looking after yourself and hopefully, you’ll feel like a self care queen by the end.


What is self care??


According to good old Google, self care is “any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated”.


Sounds a bit confusing doesn’t it? If you ask us, self care is a bit like a pamper session but whatever that looks like for you. It can be skincare, a warm bubble bath with nice products and beautiful smelling candles.


It can also be exercise if that’s what makes you feel good. A run, weight lifting or yoga.


Self care can be even more basic. It can be a walk when you’re stressed, a glass of cold water or an early night.


To us, self care is whatever you need to do to relax, reset and rewind to your calmest, most in-control self.


Where to start with self care?


A good self care session starts with a real level of self-awareness. A lot of us are very good at powering through what is known as ‘burn out’. This occurs when our body and mind reaches its limits – this can be caused by working too hard, not sleeping enough, not eating well enough or generally over working and not recharging well enough.


To start your self care session, you need to realise that you need it. When you’re feeling stressed, tired or run down, just stop for a minute and really think – ‘what do I need to do to feel better?’


When you can answer this question, then you know how to set up the perfect self care session.

Self Care at Home


We consider ourselves to be the self care gurus here, so here’s some of our suggestions for the ultimate self care at home:


At home facial – skincare is the key to feeling renewed. An at-home glow up that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated is simply good for the soul too. We like to start by running a sink full of warm water and pairing our LED Sonic Cleansing Brush with our favourite cleanser for a real deep clean.


We then pat the skin dry, nourish the body with our Luxe Body Oil, throw on some cosy PJs and sit back with our LED Face Mask on to dry out those pesky pimples. The perfect at-home facial that leaves you glowing inside and out.


Luxurious early night – isn’t it mad that as children, an early night was seen as a punishment?! Nowadays, we have a WHOLE early night routine that takes getting a couple of extra hours shut eye to a new level of luxury.


Introducing Mulberry Silk. If you’re not familiar with this wonder fabric then it’s time to catch you up. Our Sumptuous Silk package comes with all the luxury silk accessories for the ultimate nights’ sleep.


The silk scrunchie keeps hair neatly out of your face without pulling or tearing. The pillow case banished bed hair and keeps skin smooth and spot-free while the eye mask keeps the sunlight blocked out and eye bags at bay.


The endorphin raiser – exercise isn’t for everyone but it does scientifically make you feel better. When you exercise, ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins and dopamine are released into the body which make you feel more positive. Whether it’s a run, yoga or weight lifting, a workout is a guaranteed way to feel great (even if it doesn’t feel it at first’.


Our bright pink resistance bands and rose quartz water bottle are the perfect accessories to a feel good fitness session.


They’re three of our favourite self care ideas but really, it’s whatever feels good for you. Self care really is a personal thing, so find things that help you relax and unwind and simply make time to do it – that’s the important part!






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